Electric Car?

Well, I think we are about to call our electric car testing. This is the third set of batteries since we got the car and the new set is starting to act up. This kind of scares me because I don’t know where americans will go if EV’s don’t work. With the ending or the pricing out of the market of fossil fuels, where do we go next? I thought the solar powered electric car would be the next step, but unless the battery problems are fixed I don’t know. I think our next step will be a 4 wheeled bicycle with electric assist like a Rhoades car or a Lightfoot Microcar so we can be together when we ride. That would get rid of our insurance which is really high on the electric car and when it came time to get another battery it wouldn’t be so expensive. This bike and car sharing the Prius would set us up in the transportation area.


3 responses to “Electric Car?

  1. I thought I would let you know the bike above is a Lightfoot Microcar. I got the picture from their website. I will put a link under bicycling if you want to take a look at them.

  2. That’s a nice looking bike. What kind of batteries does your electric car use? Any chance you could adapt a Prius battery for it?

  3. We just had some new mat batteries put in. They are a lead acid battery but if your in a wreck they don’t slosh acid on you. We had a renewable energy meeting the other day and one of the guys is involved in a military project that has lithium batteries that they can’t use if they are below 80%. He said he could get me a good deal on those but then I would have to get a new charger and I just put a new one in there a little over a month ago. A Prius battery isn’t very big, the new plug in Prius’s will have a bigger one.

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