A new friend came over yesterday. In one of our Mudhouse sessions Andy and I were talking about bicycles as transportation and talking about how we were seeing more and more people that were riding bikes, not because they really want to, but because thats what they can afford to use for getting around. Some of the bikes are in less than safe condition, needing brakes, wheels bent, I even saw one guy riding a bike with no seat. We got to talking about starting a bike co-op, a nonprofit that will help people help themselves by being shown how to fix their own bikes, having a place where they can go where there is help with their bikes if they they need it and the tools to fix them. This is where my new friend comes in. He is a young guy and while he lived in a small town he had helped start a bike co-op. I have been meeting more and more young people that are doing the right thing and gently nudging society in the right direction. Community gardens, urban agriculture, bicycles as transportation, and distributed energy systems are just some of the examples of the tide turning in the right direction. I realized today our society and economy has been dammed up  so that big businesses can siphon off the power and money and these small steps in the right direction are like little cracks in the dam that big business and government are trying to stick their fingers in. I think the dam is getting ready to break and they are losing control, like when the levees break on the rivers, the economy has been channelized, but naturally wants wide and spread out so it can handle different seasonal changes. I think if we start putting family and community first instead of business interests then our community will surive and thrive in the coming years. The point of this rant is we are thinking of starting a bike coop, hopefully my new friend will be involved. We need to make Springfield a community worth staying in.


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