Here’s a picture of the farm sink with the new countertop and ductwork backsplash. We are making a lot of forward progress, next week we will get our hardwood floor redone in the kitchen and hopefully within the next 3 weeks to month will be finished completely. We had a friend Dunne who is a cabinetmaker in town come by and he will be making a harvest table and bench for the dining room. The electrician is about finished with all of his part except for a few LED fixtures we had to order. 417 magazine called today to talk about a article about the house and we said by spring it should be ready for them. I’m going to kick back tonight and watch a movie, drink a beer, and have a nice quiet night, Gloria is playing canasta. Life is good!


4 responses to “Progress!

  1. Steve and Lynda

    Looking good!

  2. I love peeking in on the progress neighbor…..

  3. That is a nice looking sink.

  4. Thanks Michael. We looked at farm house sinks for awhile, we found this one at IKEA.

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