Sun Oven Dealer

I just thought I would let everyone know that we are now Sun Oven dealers. I wanted to start a small business in some part of the sustainable energy area, I don’t like heights so that knocked out solar electric and wind since I’m not getting on a roof and I’m sure not going to climb a wind tower. I can cook however and so this seems like a good fit. We will be picking up a couple of other items down the road such as mylar food storage bags and Rocket Stoves as well as a few other things. I will be selling the Sun Ovens for $259 by themselves,  or they had a special on ovens that include the right sized pans, and a video with recipes for $279. We will also be holding classes on solar cooking with the assistance of Richard Herman who used and made solar cookers while he was in the peace corp. A product I think who’s time has come.


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