Solar Lady 2

I went to check out the solar ladies place today, impressive, well thought out, and she knows what she’s talking about. I had a little freezer envy, she has a Sundancer 8 CF chest freezer, nice! She also has nice Outback inverters and she is setup much better than we are for power outages. I am glad I met her and hope to get to know her better. I have survival friends and hippie friends that have done this kind of thing, but they have been guys, she’s the first lady i’ve met that has built such a nice system.

There also might be some movement in the bike co-op area, there is a guy in town that has been in the bike business for 25 years and if he can make the time he would be a great asset in setting up and maybe some volunteer time at the shop. He has already seen everything and could help us avoid making mistakes in the beginning so we could get off to a smooth start. Cool!


One response to “Solar Lady 2

  1. Cool re: bike co-op. Henry is going to bike mechanic school — possibly this winter. This could be a good opportunity for good young man. Count me in to help in any way I can.

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