Recycling by Bike

I have been thinking of all of the positive things about doing the recycling by bicycle today and I can’t think of any negatives. If you can think of one I would really like to hear it, maybe I have green blinders on. I don’t want to do the trash part, just the recycle. I think of all of the diesel fumes from the trucks, but added to that is the gas from everyone taking their own recycling out to the the centers every 2 weeks. If I end up with 30 customers that is 60 trips to the center by car every month that won’t have to happen. If several young gung ho people start doing it too, it just magnifies from there. It will also mean bikes sold by the bike shops in town, local beers after a long hot day, and no fuel money is headed out of town. Petroleum magnifies the work each person can do so instead of having 100 people employed hauling recycling or any other example of this kind of labor you have 5 or 10 people. I think that is why we have so many people unemployed now, petroleum has replaced jobs. When they say productivity has increased what that means is the same amount of people are doing more work for the same amount of money. We need to slow down, relocalize our economy and make sure when we spend our money it is benefitting our neighbor that pays taxes locally so the local schools, roads, parks and towns gets our money instead of the box stores, huge supermarket chains, and all of the big corporations. I know, Soapbox Time!


4 responses to “Recycling by Bike

  1. Rick,

    The numbers are much more striking than that. One tanker truck of gasoline represents an army of 2,200 men working around the clock for a year.

    Without it, we would all still be farmers, and not in the “fun hobby farming” category. LOL

    Here is a great story if you would like to read it:,0,1188245.story

  2. That is a great article, thanks Robert! Do you know of anyone in your travels that is doing bike powered recycing service? I thought if I could avoid the mistakes it might help.

  3. Sounds like a fun hobby.

  4. Another good reason to ride the bike and talk to people about bike and solar power.

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