Recycling Route

I’m am going to start doing a little recycling route around the neighborhood and downtown. I will be doing it with my bicycle and trailer so I won’t have very many customers and no overhead. I’m going to talk to Barb at the city to make sure I’m not breaking any rules by doing this and then I’ll be getting rolling. If you know anyone close by that needs a service like this or gets mad when there trash men throw their recycled stuff in the trash truck or even gets tired of hearing the trucks burn up the lots of diesel picking up their recycling, let them know about me. I’m hoping that people will start looking at bikes as transportation and work vehicle instead of a toy.


4 responses to “Recycling Route

  1. What do you mean “when there trash men throw their recycled stuff in the trash truck”? Isn’t it all separated?

  2. Very interested…more info please?

  3. Hi Boyd, I will be doing a route on tuesday mornings in Rountree and maybe Phelps Grove area. I also have a couple of businesses downtown as well. I’m going to charge $10 a month for residential for twice a month and businesses we will just have to work out, depends on how often and how much. If a residential customer needs it more often we can work it out. I will pickup an 18 gallon storage container every 2 weeks that either you can provide or I will with a deposit. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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