Community and Neighborhood

Yesterday was a great day, we were doing things that put us into contact with more of our neighbors and friends and strengthening the bonds that hold us together. Gloria was in Yoga training with Teach to Inspire yoga school which is a non profit yoga center that volunteers to help with prenatal mothers, prison outreach and lots of other outreach yoga programs in the community. If you get a chance to support them by taking yoga classes there it not only helps you but also brings health and yoga to the community around you.

I, on the other hand should have a sore jaw as much talking as I did yesterday, first with the solar party at Jim and Terri Evans place. There were some great, like minded people there who were really interested in energy efficient living. My kind of stuff! Great party and thanks to Jim and Terri for putting up with people tracking through to see all of the great stuff they have done to their house. Don’t forget the National Solar home tour on Oct 1 from 10 to 3 either, their house will be on the tour as well as ours, plus Pete Pirotte’s place from around Republic. The link to the tour is on the right of the page.

Other community activities last night was the Weller St. neighborhood get together. Nice  group of people and got to talk some more sustainable living. Then to a fund raiser in the neighborhood for Rare Breed which is a youth outreach kind of place downtown. Springfield is a great place to live and I think is moving in a great direction, forward!


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