Busy Months!

Our lifes are going to be pretty busy this next couple of months so if I don’t see you you will know that I’m still alive, just alot going on. A TV crew is coming over for an interview this week about our home, we don’t have TV, but that is how a lot of people get their information so this is good. I would love to see more solar panels in Springfield. Then the Energy Cafe will be coming up soon and we will be doing a presentation on what we’ve done here, the energy cafes are usually a packed house. Also, we are part of the National Solar Home Tour this year which is a pretty big deal. It is Oct 1 from 10 to 3.

Another great thing that happened just yesterday is the green light on the legal rainwater catchment system. Thanks to help from the James River Basin Partnership we will be installing a 3000 gallon system on our house to water our gardens and flush our toilets. The city has had some concerns and I think we have worked through them so far. They are adopting the green building code which allows for systems like this and also graywater systems so my next step is to draw up a plumbing diagram. All of the because I hate peeing in drinking water!



One response to “Busy Months!

  1. It took me a while to figure that last line out. Not because it was written poorly, but because that’s something that I’ve never thought about before…..peeing in water that is clean enough to drink!

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