National Solar Home Tour

We were one of the local houses to be a part of the National Solar Home Tour this year. We had 23 or so guests and had a busy but good day. Some of the visitors were from the neighborhood and some were from Springfield, but a few were from away. I hope at least a few of them will make a few of the changes we presented today and if not at least be better informed about the world of renewables. I want to thank Zeke Fairbank of the Alternative Energy Company for being a local sponsor of the tour and will add his website to my list of links. Tomorrow I will be touring a solar home so it will be another good day in the life of Rick Scarlet!


2 responses to “National Solar Home Tour

  1. 23 people! Now I know why your jaw hurt! Anyway, I had fun helping out in the small way I did. Nice day, nice company, good food. What more could I have asked for?

  2. We really appreciated you being here, it would have been hard without you. I was really happy with the turnout.

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