Fennel Eater

Just found this little guy eating on our fennel plants. He is really pretty and hopefully he will turn into something even prettier. I will sacrifice a few fennels without a problem because I want a variety of flora and fauna around our place. This is going to be a polycultural environment.


5 responses to “Fennel Eater

  1. Steve and Lynda

    This guy likes our parsley…….

  2. Black swallowtail larvae? I’m always glad to see these guys, usually on the dill, parsley, and fennel, and lately on the parsnip leaves. Yea for garden diversity & polyculture!
    Thanks also for opening your place for the Solar Tour. My husband and I came by and were very impressed / inspired by what you are accomplishing.

  3. A tour is certainly possible, perhaps we can arrange a mutually convenient time. Our place is not too impressive, it’s mostly about the garden 🙂

  4. What I saw on your blog looks great! You are doing some great things I would be really interested in. I am cooking for 100 for our contra dancing club next weekend and we are getting married the next weekend. If it ok after that maybe we can get together. Thanks, and it was nice meeting you guys.

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