New Cargo Bike

This is a picture of the new cargo bike I ordered yesterday, sweet huh? I’ve been agonizing over which bike to buy for quite awhile now, there are some pretty sweet ones out there. This one had some great pluses, the weight capacity  was the deciding factor for me, I weigh about 240 and if I haul anything on the bike I would have to factor me in. The Yuba’s weight limit is 440 lbs where other longtail bikes are 220. Another plus is this is a steel bike frame, the others are aluminum which means with a load they would be whippy which is frame twisting. The front fork is also steel which is a real plus if I add my electric assist back on, alloy forks don’t have the strength if a motor on the front is pulling you along with a big load on it. This bike also comes with a 48 spoke rear wheel which is what they use on touring tandems for strength and load carrying capacity. All in all I think this is the best bike for me, this is my new pickup truck bike, practical, dependable, and beautiful!


4 responses to “New Cargo Bike

  1. Outstanding! Keep leading the way, Rick

  2. Rick, did you buy the bike through a local vendor, or online? I’ve checked out a few models and had the same dilemma, only more so. After I hop on, it doesn’t leave much (any) margin for hauling anything. So I’m going to look much closer at the Yuba. As always, thanks for sharing!

  3. The closest local dealer is in Columbia and is called Klunkz. I bought online, they had 2 of last years models on sale. I was just going to buy a frame and build it up but the frame was $499 and I bought this bike for $879. It’s a great deal and there was one more left yesterday when I was on their website if your interested. Mine will be here fri! Yee Haw!!

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