Off Grid Thoughts

Do you remember when the landline phone companies were the only game in town? If you do you will remember how arrogant they were and how bad the service was. Now that there are other options their customer service has to be better or you can just leave them behind. That’s the way I’m feeling about City Utilities right now. Our friend Drew wanted some bamboo that we were going to remove from a flower bed on the side of our house and while we were in Minnesota he came over to dig some up. At less than 1 shovel’s depth he hit the natural gas line to our house and he did the right thing, he called CU to stop the gas and fix the line. They told him they were going to charge him $500 to $1000 for the repair. I thought that was pretty high since the gas line should be much deeper, if I can’t plant flowers in my flower bed without worrying about hitting the gas line then it’s too shallow. I called and they said anytime we are digging anywhere in our yard for any reason we have to call. If we had been digging with a backhoe or shovel deeply I would have called and had the lines marked. I think we are giving up too much if we have to call to dig in our own flowerbeds so I think we will start planning to go off grid with the electric and gas. We are really close on doing both right now so it really wouldn’t be that hard. I had planned to be off grid in the house I was going to build before I met Gloria but thought since we had a municipal utility that being part of the solution to the local energy supplies would be the right thing to do. I’m not so sure anymore. I see the same kind of arrogance in CU as I saw in Ma Bell when they had a monopoly.


One response to “Off Grid Thoughts

  1. Craig "the solar guy"

    Wow; I believe the answer to that is to start having everyone in Springfield call in before they dig in the flowerbed or edge the sidewalk or even turn the compost pile.
    Very quickly they would change the guidlines
    However; we can help you go “off grid” your 2/3 rds there already.

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