1st Fire in the Wood Cookstove

The new stove is finally installed and fired up. The house is nice and warm and natural gas use free. One more step is finished in our house!


5 responses to “1st Fire in the Wood Cookstove

  1. Do you think any of your neighbors will complain? I never like breathing/smelling wood smoke when Im outside. Its a smell that gets in your clothes, etc. Not a criticism and I understand thats its renewable and carbon nuetral ( except the cutting and hauling ) but I just wondered about that.

  2. I can hardly wait to see it in action!

  3. Come on over Dottie! I’m going to put the pork loin in for solefest tonight as soon as it cools off outside a lttle.

  4. Awesome cook stove, with the added benefit of helping heat your home at the same time.

  5. Cookstove is beautiful but you two are absolutely adorable. What a couple of non hippies. :^)

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