Cooking Day

I’m back! This is my cooking day, I have butternut squash and some granola in the oven, some soup, granola, and warming up some cornbread on the top, and also have a load of laundry in. We are hosting this weeks yoga lunch tomorrow so I am making butternut soup and making some bread in the morning. The house is smelling pretty good right now so I think I will have some lunch. Back to work.


8 responses to “Cooking Day

  1. Sounds like the yoga group is in for a treat!

  2. Sounds yummy. That’s quite the stove.

    LOL… I’ve got yoga class today as well.

  3. My house smelled like cranberry nut bread last night! Love the smells of cooking and baking – warms a house right up!

  4. This stove is awesome! I love the smell of a woodfire anyway, but when you are baking something like granola in the stove it’s such a homey smell and feel. This will be the first time baking bread in the oven, if that works out I will be really happy!

  5. The granola is great. You are so awesome!

  6. That is a beautiful stove. Wow!

  7. That wood cookstove looks really awesome – what brand / model is it?
    Is it very efficient on fuel consumption? Does it emit much smoke (ie: would it be likely to bother neighbors in a suburban neighborhood)?


  8. It is a Magnum from a company called Sapko in Ohio. I think they are made in Serbia. If you get on youtube they have a site that you can link to there. It seems very efficient, I use the cutoffs from railroad ties before they are treated and it holds the heat really well. I can smell smoke sometimes when I go outside, I like the smell but it’s not that strong. We live right by downtown so we are in a residential area.

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