Dancing Rabbit Vacation

This is the Milkweed Merchantile Eco Inn at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. It is a strawbale structure that has a commercial kitchen, a big room that serves as the dining, lounge, store, and has 4 guest rooms. It also has an off grid solar electric system that is helped along by a wind generator plus a composting toilet setup that works great, and all of the water is provided by a 7000 gallon cistern that is filtered with sediment  and a UV filters. We ate there for three meals and all of them were great, we requested vegetarian meals and were fed local produce as much as possible. If you need to get away for a couple of days and want to stay at an amazing community this is it, tell them Gloria and Rick sent you. For $15 you can get a tour of the community by a guide named Bob who has been there long enough that he can tell you the evolution of the place and how they have gotten where they are today. I will post a link to the community on the right side of the page.



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