Laundry Day

I’ve got some of the laundry inside by the woodstove and the bigger stuff outside on the clothesline. Monday is the Amish washday and so our clothes are in good company today with clothes in all of the Amish communities all over the world. I didn’t do them on the james washer today, I did the lazy thing and threw them in the regular washing machine. We have a really efficient front loader, but I still don’t like using it. I am getting to be more of a pain all of the time, won’t drive the car unless I have to, turning lights off behind people, always cooking on the wood cookstove unless we have too much for the wood oven, all of the stuff like that. On the other hand I don’t mind burning enough wood to keep our house a comfortable temperature. I don’t quite have the hang of the wood cookstove yet, if I am baking something sometimes it gets too hot in the house and have to moderate the temperature by opening windows a little bit. I am going to work up the last of the apples today so I had better get to work. I am lucky to have so many friends to share my thoughts and dreams with. Thanks


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