Our New Horse

Here is a picture of another piece of our transportation puzzle. We needed a bike that was stable,easy for Gloria to use, could haul a reasonable amount and demonstrate that there are alternatives to big cars in our neighborhood. We will be adding an electric assist system to it to make it easier to use for recycling and grocery trips. The electric car is being donated to a worthy cause so the Yuba and this new bike, a Christiana from Denmark will be our first choice intown transportation vehicles. Tools not Toys!



6 responses to “Our New Horse

  1. Congratulations! You really are building the dream with your beautiful bikes and home!

  2. Looks cool. I’d like to see it AND you guys sometime!!

  3. That’s a great looking bike! I’m sure you all will get a lot of great use from it.

  4. I need to bring my brother by your fantastic home someday, I really do. By the way, that is one sexy bike.

  5. That’s a sweet ride. I have a question, however.

    I can see the disks on the wheels but I cannot see the caliper anywhere. Is it out of view? Thanks

  6. The calipers are on the bottom.

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