Neighborhood Sidewalk Garden

Here is our contribution to the new sidewalk garden project started by our awesome city councilman Tommy Bieker. The gardens will be planted so kids can graze as they are out walking and anything left will be  taken to the Food Harvest. What a great idea, take a space that is using energy to maintain by mowing and make it into a productive space that will grow food for your neighbors and friends. Really nice!


4 responses to “Neighborhood Sidewalk Garden

  1. That really is such an awesome idea, so much better than grass! Your town sounds amazing!

  2. what are you going to plant in yours?

  3. I am trying to think of good kid plants that aren’t over 30 inches. I think everbearing strawberries and maybe some short cherry tomatoes first thing. Don’t know about hot weather plants yet.

  4. How about bush beans, or short vine peas? Would you consider short varieties of sunflowers? Maybe some short vine cukes? Looks like you’ve got some fun planning to do!

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