Cistern Installation

Here’s a copy of the press release that went out today. I want to thank the crew at the James River Basin Partnership for all of the support and encouragement. It’s all coming together!



May 1, 2012


News Release


For Immediate Release


The first permitted residential rainwater harvesting system for indoor use gets installed in Springfield.


“It never made sense to me to use potable water to flush toilets”, said Rick Scarlet, and he began researching how to collect rainwater for non-potable indoor use. The culmination of Rick’s research, dedication and many meetings will happen this Wednesday May 2nd as Springfield’s first permitted residential rainwater harvesting system for indoor use is installed at the Scarlet home.


Rick and Gloria Scarlet began working on their design last year and on March 26th Springfield City council approved new plumbing codes which have been adopted as of May1. These codes allow for residential use of rain water for toilet flushing, depending on system design. The Scarlet’s are the first to put these codes into practice.


This rainwater catchment system, located in the Rountree district is a 3,000 gallon tank which provides water for household domestic use including toilet flushing and garden irrigation. The James River Basin Partnership began working with Rick to assist in paving the way for residential rain water collection for indoor use.  The project is partially funded by a grant from the Environmental Resources Coalition through the James River Basin Partnership. Stuart Murr, with Smart Design based in Springfield is serving as technical consultant and installer.


In addition to rainwater harvesting, the Scarlets use grid-tied solar power for 100% their electrical needs, they heat water with a solar hot water heater, cook on a wood cookstove and use a solar oven. Part of their transportation needs are met by electric assist bicycles that are charged by their solar panels.


What: Installation of the residential rainwater system

When: Wednesday (unless ground it too wet) 2:00 -4:00pm (call 872-8464 for verification)

Where: 720 S. Fremont

For more information: contact Rick 869-8124

or Tiffany Frey, James River Basin Partnership at 836-6183




Tiffany Frey

Project Manager

James River Basin Partnership

901 S. National, PCOB

Springfield, MO 65897

(417) 836-6183

Fax:  (417) 836-8879








5 responses to “Cistern Installation

  1. That’s awesome. How does the tank work, pumped, pressurized, gravity?

  2. Any pictures of the installation ?

  3. Not yet. The excavator is finishing up it’s last job because of rain. Should be holes in the ground tomorrow.

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