Downspout Diverter

Just thought I would show you this nifty little gadget. It is called a rainwater filter and diverter but it does so much more and is very reasonably priced. We have two of these on our new rainwater catchment system, one at each end of the north roof downspouts. First it pushes anything like leaves or anything big off with some teeth that come down. When the water hits the teeth they vibrate so nothing gets stuck. Next the water goes through a wire mesh to filter it. Then, if the rain has just started it dumps it into the drainage system which is called the first flush. All of the stuff that has accumulated on the roof since the last rain will be washed off so about 5 gallons goes into the overflow system before the water starts going into the 2 1500 gallon holding tanks. These diverters also are set up so if the tanks are full or you are cleaning, or like right now we have another layer of waterproofing to put on the inside of the tanks, we can bypass going into the tanks and just send it to the drains. This is a well engineered piece of equipment, we could have built these with plumbing parts but it would cost as much as we paid if not more. Appropriate Technology!


4 responses to “Downspout Diverter

  1. Love it! I’m excited to see this in action. Can’t help but think how incredibly useful something like this would be in El Salvador and in many other places where (in most mid-upper class homes) a cistern is already present in nearly every home (due to the sporadic water service). People rarely use this water to drink anyhow, and during six months of the year it rains nearly every day.

    • It’s a great design! The new building code is set up so we can use this for potable water, but next is greywater system in the back yard. We are buying a sediment filter combo UV filter setup so we can slap it in anytime we need to.

  2. who is this made by and where can I get one?

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