I just got back from Mama Jeans with some groceries. It was a great day for a spin on the Christianna bike after a nice weekend at OACC. OACC is Ozarks Area Community Congress. This was the 33rd year it has been held and both Gloria and my, second time there. It is an environmentally oriented event with a lot of learning opportunities and great vegetarian food. They were nice enough to give us about an hour to make a presentation about our house and lives. Our friend Richard also talked about his permaculture work and all of the things he has done at his farm. Our friends, Jack and LeeAnn, and a new friend named Rachael played for some contra dances that Gloria called. It was a great time with some really nice and knowledgeable people.

I am starting our first fire of the year in the cookstove to take the chill off of the house, I love it!


One response to “OACC

  1. Yes, Rick it was a great weekend. Thanks for coming and sharing your knowledge & your passion. Yes, it is a great opportunity for learning. Already looking forward to next year.

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