This is Solefest weekend, which is our annual contra dance weekend. It is a lot of fun and some really nice people come from all over. If you don’t know what contra dancing is, look it up on youtube. It is kind of a community barn dance to live music. If you think you can’t dance a lick like me, if you can walk you can do this. I will be going to the sustainablity fair in Thayer on Sat morning, but the dances are what I will be doing at night. Come on out! There is a link to the Traditional Dance and Music Society on the side that will tell you all about it. See you there!


2 responses to “Solefest!

  1. Apologies in advance for this having nothing to do with this post. I am looking at the Magnum wood cook stove and from some of you pics it looks as if that is the stove you have installed. Can you share any information and experience you have had with that stove?

    • We have had great luck with the stove. It is the heart of our house. The reason we bought it is because we didn’t want a back and warming oven on it because of the way it is positioned in the house. We love it. If there are any specifics questions you have in mind I will be glad to answer what I can. Thanks, Rick

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