Final Post

This will be my last blog post here. The city house project will soon be complete and we will be moving on to a less public project. It has been an amazing time and we have learned a lot. We have had ten of thousands of hits with the blog, and hundreds of visits at the house. I hope you have learned along the way too. Below are my final thoughts for this blog. Thanks, Rick

In a time when we as a species are seemingly trying to wipe ourselves and every other living thing out of a home planet, we have allowed ourselves to be distracted once again. I’m not saying that what happened in Conn. and all the other places wasn’t bad, it was. People die every day, and whether it is of cancer, heart disease, asthma or any of the other disease’s caused by  the corporate owner’s of this planet, or a mentally ill person left untreated by our society. Tens of thousands of children die every day from starvation and I don’t hear the uproar I hear now. Turn off the TV with it’s assinine reality shows, quit watching the news, who cares if a couple of TV bimbo’s are going to have a baby.

Whether we like it or not it is humans that are the cause of all of our problems, and whether we like it or not we are all related, the human race was a small number people at one time. It is our family destroying us, its not our tools, they are inanimate objects that wouldn’t do a thing if we didn’t use, or maintain them.

It is time to worry about important things, things that are very basic. Is there going to be breathable air? Will the children of the future have drinkable water? Is agribusiness going to wipe out or make unusable all of plants we currently us for food? Is the temperature of the planet going to remain in a range we can survive in?

If we don’t answer or fix these things, all of rest of our problems don’t matter. Focus on what’s important. Thanks and I’m signing off.


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