Solar Greenhouse

I have decided to come back to this blog, what we are doing in town is really important as far as sustainability goes, some people aren’t made for living in the country. What we are doing is pretty unique, at least for this area, so I thought I would start sharing again. We had this solar greenhouse built last week. It will be for starting plants, growing microgreens year round and tool storage. I have been reading about solar greenhouses for a long time and decided it was time. We spend more time in town than we spend in the country and want this close so we can check it regularly. Paint choices are being made by Gloria now so it should be pretty pretty soon. Refocusing on the town place. Thanks and hope you like the new posts, Rick.



8 responses to “Solar Greenhouse

  1. Looks great, Rick! Is this your own design?

    • I found the design in a couple of books and on the internet. I kind of knew what I wanted and what would work for what we wanted it for. We modified it a little, I think it will be perfect when finished up. Thanks for asking!

  2. How are you going to keep it cool in the summer?

    • I will use the dutch door, plus I have an automatic vent built in the end. I am also going to order some shade cloth for it. Might end up having to put another auto vent above the door. The greenhouse will be off grid so I will probably add a 12 volt solar panel or 2 for lighting and maybe a fan. Hi Doug!

  3. So glad you are BACK! You do such inspiring projects and we look forward to your posts. Thanks!

  4. Glad to see you posting again, Rick. I enjoy your blog!

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