Local Gardens

Local Gardens

I’m going to be biking around Springfield to find interesting community and personal gardens.


2 responses to “Local Gardens

  1. Excellent idea, Rick.

    If it’s on a weekend, and you want some biking company, I could air-up the tires on one of my human-powered 2-wheel transports :-).
    I periodically scoot around Springfield to observe local gardens on a 49cc Honda Metropolitan (110 MPG).

    Some present (& past) gardens of interest:

    Urban Roots Farm (37.202528,-93.301011)
    Fassnight Creek Farms (37.190114,-93.308379)
    The Kitchen Garden (37.228184,-93.288913)
    Mid-Town School Garden (37.225918,-93.288545)
    Grant Beach Community Garden (37.225071,-93.299755)
    MSU Student Garden (37.195717,-93.282137)
    Glendale HS Garden (37.164472,-93.228334)
    Central HS Garden (37.21793,-93.288788)
    Fairbanks (former Ele Sch) Community Garden (37.22115,-93.302381)
    Victory Trade School Greenhouse (37.21006,-93.326718)
    Woodland Hts Neighborhood Garden (Reed Middle Sch) (37.234248,-93.294929)
    Bowerman Ele Sch Garden (37.236437,-93.299116)
    Weller (Ele Sch) Community Garden (37.228348,-93.267576)


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