Fermenting Crock

imageA friend that knows we ferment foods gave us this crock. It was made by her co-worker. It is a great design, you add your veggies to be fermented in the center of the big pot, then use the 2 half moon pieces to weigh them down under the liquid. Next you add water to the trough around the top of the crock and put on the lid.  The lid is designed to let the gases out, but not let oxygen in. Great work, I will be putting it to work soon.



imageWe went to visit some real homesteading friends Tuesday. It’s great to see people that are growing a large percentage of their family’s food, and have been for a really long time. Another friend that is a really great gardener came out for dinner, there was a lot of food growing talk flying around.  Our friends have a high tunnel with a hugelculture bed in it that is full of food! The picture is of some plants they sent home with us, they are gorgeous!


imageThis is a picture of some Reishi mushrooms we harvested out of our yard last year. We have ordered spawn for 4 other mushrooms to grow this year, shiitake, oyster, maiitake, and red wine cap. Mushrooms have helped me since I can’t eat meat, something about biting into a mushroom gives me a kind of meat mouth feel, plus they taste great! The reishi aren’t for eating, but I do make a tincture out of it that I take every day.

Sustainable by Nature

imageThis is Alyssa, she is one of the owners of Sustainable by Nature, they are going to be helping in our garden this year. She was busy planting peas, beets, red core carrots and lettuce. There is a link to their website on our blog.

We had a salad from our cold frames for breakfast this morning, Nice!


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Lawnmower Co-op

imageWe have started a lawnmower coop with a couple of our neighbors. I had realized that the reel push mower wasn’t doing a good job on things like plantain and our friends were needing new mowers and were tired of the noisey gas powered ones. The Neuton mowers are battery powered, so you just recharge the battery after mowing. They are also pretty light so it will make it easier on the ladies in the coop. One mower for three different lawns, less maintenance, and when we charge it at our house, solar powered!

Greens Harvest

imageWe had our first light harvest of greens for dinner last night from our cold frames. A few really nice days and they should really take off. I love spinach! I had a great trip to Morgan County Seeds yesterday, kind of a toy store for gardeners. Looking forward to a nice day outside.