Riding the Bus

I hate to say it, but for the first time since I moved here I rode the bus. I bought a all day pass for $3.75 and rode 3 different routes, the #12 which is the National route, the #7 which goes to the library center on S Campbell, and the #2 Dale which goes to the northeast side of town at the walmart on Kearney. I could have ridden all day with the pass but decided to call it a day and have lunch. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t have to be anywhere at any certain time. I think I will start using the bus more, especially if I go to Momma Jeans on Republic Rd  or the library center. I love my bike and will ride it when I can but I don’t want to ride it down in that area, it doesn’t seem that bike friendly.

I also talked to the guy who’s going to redo the electric car. We are going to put new batteries and a different charger in it. The batteries that are in it are 150 amp hours, he is checking into some from a battery manufacturer here in town that are 960 AH’s which is 6 times bigger than what we have now. We don’t want more speed but we do want a decent range, these batteries should do the trick. Plus, Craig, our solar guy is looking into using the batteries in the car as storage for the house. That would be great if we have another ice storm or other power outage.


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